Community Warning: Patriot Front Headquarters Moves To Haslet, Texas

After our publication of information about Patriot Front headquarters in 2021, leader Thomas Rousseau and his neo-Nazi roommates went briefly underground, moving out of the residence owned by Rousseau’s father in Grapevine, Texas only to re-emerge in another Dallas Fort Worth city months later.

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The openly fascist organization, Patriot Front, was founded by Thomas Rousseau in the aftermath of the deadly 2017 Unite the Right rally in which anti-racist protester Heather Heyer was murdered by James Alex Fields, Jr. Fields, who marched alongside Rousseau in the now defunct neo-Nazi group Vanguard America is serving two life sentences for deliberately driving his vehicle into a group of counter-protesters at the rally, killing one and injuring dozens. Patriot Front is an SPLC designated hate group.

Recently, antifascist activists revealed Rousseau’s new address in a live interview with the petite leader. Local activists were able to locate and confirm the residence of Thomas Ryan Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Kieran Morris in Haslet, Texas. Whitson and Morris’ vehicles were clearly visible in the driveway of the property.

thomas rousseau patriot front haslet texas westrom property management

Vehicles belonging to Kieran Morris and Graham Whitson in Haslet, Texas.

Local activists and concerned area residents can find the new address to the home that serves as the headquarters for the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front here. Like their former address, the house is already blurred on Google Maps. It is located near an elementary school, middle school, and high school in a single-family home residential neighborhood.

1113 crest meadow dr haslet texas home for rent patriot front


Immediately following their December 4th D.C. march, anti-fascist infiltrators within Patriot Front, along with researchers and groups across the country, began to publicly identify current members of Patriot Front, as part of an ongoing campaign to notify our local communities about neo-Nazis threats. Despite clear, ongoing security issues and informational leaks, Rousseau and the rest of Patriot Front’s leadership have pressed forward with hasty plans to join a rally being held by anti-abortion group “March for Life” in Chicago on January 8th, 2022.

Recent Patriot Front Identifications:

Rousseau, Whitson, and Morris should be considered dangerous. Patriot Front members are self-described white nationalists who actively target and harass communities of color, LGBTQ, and other marginalized groups. Patriot Front members have recently defaced LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter memorials, and have distributed threatening messages at people’s residences.



Thomas Ryan Rousseau – Haslet, Texasthomas ryan rousseau patrot front haslet texas

Upset with optics and scared about public opinion in the fallout after Unite the Right, Thomas Rousseau created Patriot Front by splintering from Vanguard America, a now defunct neo-Nazi organization. Rousseau operated the entire white supremacist organization from his father’s house in Grapevine, Texas, before recently moving to Haslet, Texas with other members of the organization. The reclusive leader lives off the donations from patriot front members and has never held real employment. He is a vile racist and antisemite. His organization has advocated for violent ethnic cleansing in a fantasy “pan-European” (aka white race) world, along with roaming rape gangs. Members of his organization has also networked with neo-Nazi groups abroad, including the international violent terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division. He went to Coppell High School in Texas which is where he got his start in propaganda as a writer and cartoonist for the school paper. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. The FBI has been monitoring the petite leader of Patriot Front since he was in high school.

Graham Jones Whitson – Haslet, Texasgraham jones whitson haslet texas patriot front

Useless director of security. Can’t coordinate vehicle drop off’s and pickups. The new residence is a hilarious opsec fail and was outed almost immediately from the hard work of local antifascists. Local groups make it very difficult for them to rent from any credible management company. Shout out to our resistance folx. Whitson, who is 30 years old and weighs approximately 135 pounds, was arrested along with Thomas Ryan Rousseau and Cameron Rathan Pruitt in 2020 for plastering Parker County property with cheaply-made Patriot Front stickers. He is originally from Mechanicsville, Maryland and has an arrest record.

Kieran Patrick Morris – Haslet, Texaskieran patrick morris patriot front new york city antifa 4

Kieran Patrick Morris was first exposed in 2020 by New York City Antifa where he was living in Poughkeepsie, NY at the time. After getting doxxed, Morris moved to Grapevine, Texas before moving to Haslet, Texas where he now serves Patriot Front founder, Thomas Rousseau. Morris has been described by local antifascists as being easily influenced. He is known for his bad haircut, muscled legs with short-shorts, and babyface features. He has a dog named “Tex”. Before Kieran got involved in Patriot Front, he joined the notorious online Nazi forum Iron March and repeatedly messaged Brandon Russell, the founder of the deadly Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division (AWD), about joining a New York-based cell of the Nazi terror organization. AWD members have murdered at least 5 people in the United States and in March 2020, five AWD members were arrested for threatening journalists, the ADL, and people of color. Kieran and Russell were communicating on encrypted messaging services days before Russell was arrested on explosives charges in Florida. In November 2019, Kieran traveled internationally with other Patriot Front members to network with European Nazi groups officially endorsed by Iron March, like Casa Pound in Italy and the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Sweden. NRM is responsible for numerous racist and murderous attacks. Members were found guilty of bombing refugee centers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Be sure to read the full expose on Kieran Patrick Morris by New York City Antifa.


The property management company that carelessly rented the property to Thomas Ryan Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Keiran Patrick Morris is Westrom Propery Management. Apparently they can’t use google. Ask them if they want to support the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Property Management Contact Info:

Westrom Group Property Management

Phone: (817) 445-1108

John Westrom, owner
Cell: (817) 706-0688

HOA Contact Info:

The Parks at Willow Ridge Estates – Home Owners Association – these people are innocent as of this point so please approach them respectfully:

1800 Preston Park Blvd.
Suite 200
Plano, TX 75093

Phone : 972-943-2828

Email :