Two North Texans Exposed For Their Ties To White Supremacy

Doghead Division (formerly known as “Cult of the Doghead”) is a group based primarily in Texas. It bills itself as a network of veterans, first responders, and reformed criminals working towards self-improvement. The group is closely tied to Operation Werewolf (OPWW), a pagan neo-fascist group operating across America. All of the members of Doghead Division identified in this article are also members of OPWW.

Operation Werewolf acts as a feeder group for the Wolves of Vinland, a white supremacist cult based in Lynchburg, Virginia.  OPWW’s name is a reference to a Nazi military plan orchestrated by Heinrich Himmler. The group has a reputation for extreme violence. 

Two North Texans were recently exposed for their ties to Doghead Division–Nolan Annett of Paris and Steven Bitzko of Fort Worth who also just so happens to be a cop with the Department of Homeland Security. Steven has also suggested potential involvement in the Boogaloo movement.

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