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Entire List Of Patriot Front Members Who Have Been Exposed

Patriot Front constantly reminds members of the threat of doxxing, but its members keep getting exposed. Patriot Front is a dangerous white nationalist organization operating out of a residential property in the Dallas Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine Haslet, Texas. Several of its members have been arrested and charged with violent crimes. Torch Antifa leaked two years worth of Patriot Front’s internal chats and organizing materials which reveal an organization rife with violent bigotry, misogyny, and anti-Semitism. Keep reading for the list of Patriot Front members who have been exposed.

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thomas rousseau patriot front location

Former headquarters for Patriot Front organization was run from a residential property owned by Chris Rousseau, and is located in Grapevine, TX. Patriot Front now operates out of a residential property located in Haslet, Texas.

Formed in 2017 during the chaotic aftermath of the deadly Unite the Right white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, VA, its leader is Thomas Rousseau–a petite, 22-year-old neo-Nazi. He literally lived in his daddy’s house in Grapevine, Texas before moving to Haslet, Texas with his three budding nazis trying to create a white ethnostate through violent ethnic cleansing. Patriot Front is known for its tightly coordinated theatrical performances where they show up “flash mob” style with smoke bombs and flares chanting nonsense into the void and then quickly dispersing.

Rousseau, in his role as Patriot Front’s founder and ultimate authority, tries in vain to keep the group’s largely immature male membership under control and on task. Members are consistently reminded of the threat of doxxing. With that said, Here’s the Entire List of Patriot Front Members Who Have Been Doxxed So Far:

texas antifa thomas rousseau patriot front


If links are dead (don’t work) please try running them through archive.org or archive.today for their archived versions.



1. Thomas Rousseau

Grapevine Haslet, Texas

thomas rousseau chicago march patriot front

Thomas Rousseau, founder and leader of Patriot Front

Upset with optics and scared about public opinion in the fallout after Unite the Right, Thomas Rousseau created Patriot Front by splintering from Vanguard America, a now defunct neo-Nazi organization. Rousseau operated the entire white supremacist organization from his father’s house in Grapevine, Texas, before recently moving to Haslet, Texas with other members of the organization. He is a vile racist and antisemite. His organization has advocated for violent ethnic cleansing in a fantasy “pan-European” (aka white race) world, along with roaming rape gangs. Members of his organization has also networked with neo-Nazi groups abroad, including the international violent terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division. He went to Coppell High School in Texas which is where he got his start in propaganda as a writer and cartoonist for the school paper. He is also an Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America. He is trying to brand himself as a Cowboy Nazi and it’s not a good look. The FBI has been monitoring the petite leader of Patriot Front since he was in high school.

2. Kieran Patrick Morris

Grapevine Haslet, Texas

kieran patrick morris patriot front new york city antifa 4

Kieran Patrick Morris, currently in “hiding” at Thomas Rousseau’s house in Grapevine Haslet, Texas

Kieran Patrick Morris was first exposed in 2020 by New York City Antifa where he was living in Poughkeepsie, NY at the time. After getting doxxed, Morris moved to Grapevine, Texas before moving to Haslet, Texas where he now lives with Patriot Front founder, Thomas Rousseau. He is known for his bad haircut, muscled legs with short-shorts, and babyface features. He has a dog named “Tex”. Before Kieran got involved in Patriot Front, he joined the notorious online Nazi forum Iron March and repeatedly messaged Brandon Russell, the founder of the deadly Nazi group, Atomwaffen Division (AWD), about joining a New York-based cell of the Nazi terror organization. AWD members have murdered at least 5 people in the United States and in March 2020, five AWD members were arrested for threatening journalists, the ADL, and people of color. Kieran and Russell were communicating on encrypted messaging services days before Russell was arrested on explosives charges in Florida. In November 2019, Kieran traveled internationally with other Patriot Front members to network with European Nazi groups officially endorsed by Iron March, like Casa Pound in Italy and the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM) in Sweden. NRM is responsible for numerous racist and murderous attacks. Members were found guilty of bombing refugee centers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Be sure to read the full expose on Kieran Patrick Morris by New York City Antifa.

3. Graham Jones Whitson

Grapevine Haslet, TX

graham jones whitson patriot front rousseau

Graham Jones Whitson, Parker County Texas mugshot taken 8/2/2020

Also residing at the residential property that houses arguably the United State’s most active neo-Nazi cell is 29-year-old Graham Jones Whitson. Whitson was arrested by Weatherford police in August 2020 when he was caught along with Thomas Rousseau and Cameron Rathan Pruitt plastering Parker County property with cheaply-made Patriot Front stickers. Rousseau, according to the arrest report, had the stickers on his person and lied to an officer that he was promoting Patriot Front but was not a member. Whitson also had the Patriot Front stickers on his person, and appeared to “encourage” the other subjects as they placed stickers on various items. Just a week prior to the arrests, at the Parker County Courthouse, protesters had demanded the removal of a Confederate statue, which made global headlines when video surfaced online showing racist counter-protesters attacking anti-racist protesters while incompetent local law enforcement refused to intervene. In November 2017, Whitson, a 135 pound man from Mechanicsville, Maryland, was also arrested, along with another man, by the Calvert County (Maryland) Sheriffs Department and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance–in this case LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide)–and litter/dump under 100 pounds.

4. Cameron Rathan Pruitt

Midway, Utah

cameron pruitt nazi patriot front utah

Cameron Rathan Pruitt of Midway, Utah and member of neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front

Cameron Rathan Pruitt, 21, of Midway, Utah, was also arrested by Weatherford police in August 2020 when he was caught along with Thomas Rousseau and Graham Jones Whitson plastering Parker County property with cheaply-made Patriot Front stickers. Rousseau, according to the arrest report, had the stickers on his person and lied to an officer that he was promoting Patriot Front but was not a member. Whitson also had the Patriot Front stickers on his person, and appeared to “encourage” the other subjects as they placed stickers on various items. Just a week prior to the arrests, at the Parker County Courthouse, protesters had demanded the removal of a Confederate statue, which made global headlines when video surfaced online showing racist counter-protesters attacking anti-racist protesters while incompetent local law enforcement refused to intervene. Cameron has a private pilot license in Utah where he most likely resides. His online name is John UT.

5. Phillip Wayne Lovett

Dickinson, TX

thomas rousseau unite the right philip lovett texas

Thomas Rousseau (left) and Philip Lovett (center) at Unite the Right in 2017. Murderer James Alex Fields at right.

The State Directing Officer for Texas is last known to be Phillip Wayne Lovett (SDO Phil-TX) age 39, out of Dickinson, TX. Like the original leadership he was active within Vanguard America and participated in Unite The Right. Here he is posing next to Rousseau and the murderer, James Alex Fields. Like most Nazis, Phil believes that Fields “did nothing wrong” in running down a crowd of antifascists with his car.

6. Alexander Wheeler

North Richland Hills, TX

alex wheeler dallas patriot front

Alex Wheeler from Dallas, TX. He was most recently the Network Directing Officer for Patriot Front.

Alexander Wheeler (“Sonder Schutz”) was at least until recently in charge of the Dallas-Fort Worth area network for Patriot Front. His online name is Alexander TX.

7. Erik Mitchell Sailors

San Marcos, TX

erik sailors patriot front assault

Violent neo-Nazi, Erik Sailors is a member of Patriot Front

This cowardly neo-Nazi thought he could hide behind a mask while he was reportedly assaulting and harassing innocent people in Texas. Shaun King exposed the man as Erik Mitchell Sailors of San Marcos, Texas, writing, “He is a brutal Neo-Nazi who has been harassing, terrorizing, and assaulting people all over Texas — all while concealing his identity. He is also a Marine.” Although it’s unlikely that Sailors is still in the business, The Daily Beast reported, “Sailors gives ‘hip-pocket classes, (short, informal military class) to white nationalists, from the ‘gear list’ of what members should bring to protests (Marine Corps-issued combat boots and decontaminate wipes) to lessons in mixed martial arts and hand-to-hand combat techniques, the leaked messages reveal.” His online name is Alexander TX. Also notable, he got his head cracked open by Maoists a while back in Austin. He also got caught stickering at Texas State in 2018. Here’s his leaked messages on the Discord Leaks Page.

8. Dustin Ray Hamby

North Austin, TX

dustin ray hamby patriot front nazi

Dustin Ray Hamby, Patriot Front member

Dustin Ray Hamby, aka “Chef Goyardee”, is an Austin-based Neo-Nazi and cook who now serves as the Austin area Network Directing Officer for the fascist group Patriot Front. His most notable activities include leading the Texas fascist delegation to the Nazi “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and coordinating security for a Richard Spencer talk in Florida. Bradley TX Continue reading here…

9. Joseph Nicolas Brown – aka Braxton Bragg

Spring, TX

nick brown patriot front 2

Joseph Nicolas Brown of Spring, Texas and Patriot Front member

Joseph Nicolas Brown, AKA “Braxton Bragg,” was the Network Directing Officer for Patriot Front in Houston. Patriot Front formed out the break up of Vanguard America after Charlottesville in 2017. Last summer they attacked an anti-ICE encampment in San Antonio.

10. James Anthony Porebski

New Port Richey, Florida

james anthony porebski florida nazi

James Porebski, neo-Nazi from Florida

Meet Patriot Front LaCroix Nazi James Porebski of New Port Richey Florida. Hopefully his wealthy (as in they own their own plane) parents are disappointed with him. Don’t be fooled by Patriot Front’s attempt to sanitize their image after a man who marched with them murdered a person in Charlottesville. He even has an arrest record. Drinking on the beach, how degenerate! Continue reading the expose here.

11. Syed Robbie Javid – aka Sayed Robbie Javid

North Virginia, Greater DC area

sayed robbie javid nazi patriot front bee keeper

Sayed “Robbie” Javid the neo-Nazi beekeeper from Virginia

Syed “Robbie” Javid was originally exposed as a Virginia member of Patriot Front earlier in 2020 by @RuthlessWe on Twitter. Meet Virginia neo-Nazi and NSC Dixie affiliate Sayed “Robbie” Javid, now known by “Reform the States”. Robbie is an explicitly genocidal neo-Nazi. Still, this is often standard fare for adamant neo-Nazis on Telegram. However unlike many, Robbie posts explicit encouragement of violence. Oh, and he also worships and spreads the manifestos of white supremacist mass shooters (illegal in several countries). This includes improvised weapons manuals and literal torture videos. He is also a beekeeper from Northern Virginia. In 2016, Robbie was arrested barricading himself in his parent’s Fairfax County home and shooting at police with a pellet gun. Learn more about Nazi Robbie here.

12. James Daniel Valentine

Lakebay, WA

james daniel valentine patriot front nazi

James Daniel Valentine, Patriot Front nazi from Lakebay, WA

James Daniel Valentine is a 27-year-old American fascist who lives in his mother’s house with his wife, Christine, in Lakebay, Washington. Valentine organizes locally and nationally with other fascists and is active around the Washington area putting up fascist propaganda and attempting to sabotage anti-racist activists’ efforts. His messages in a neo-Nazi Discord server reveal his racist and misogynist views. What is, perhaps, even more troubling is his expressed desire to join the National Guard. There is an increasing trend of neo-Nazis involved with the military, and Valentine is another name to add to this list. On the evening of December 6th, 2017, James Valentine and Jake Prior were stopped and ID’d by Olympic College security for putting Patriot Front flyers up on campus. Read the full expose on James Daniel Valentine here.

13. Bryan Betancur

Owings Mills, MD

bryan betancur patriot front nazi

Bryan Betancur, neo-Nazi, Patriot Front member, and U.S. Capitol stormer

This Patriot Front member Bryan Betancur of Baltimore, MD, participated in the Capitol Hill Siege on January 6, 2020. Although Hispanic, Betancur is a self-professed white supremacist and makes sure to let everyone know about it. Betancur attended the deadly Unite the Right rally in August 2017, and marched alongside white supremacist groups such as Identity Evropa (here’s a list of identified members) and Vanguard America. Recently, Betancur was arrested for participating in the U.S. Capitol siege. Specifically, he was charged with Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Disorderly and Disruptive Conduct in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Entering and Remaining in Certain Rooms in the Capitol Building; Disorderly Conduct in a Capitol Building or Grounds; Parading, Demonstrating, or Picketing in a Capitol Building. In a video posted to social media under the handle “bryan_patriot_1776” he can be seen wearing iron-on Proud Boy insignia which is yet another example of neo-Nazi cross-over with the violent, neo-fascist street gang. Betancur is a self-professed white supremacist and told law enforcement that he is a member of “several white supremacy organizations.”

14. Antoine Bernard Renard

Rockville, MD

antoine renard patriot front nazi

Antoine Renard of Rockville, Maryland is a member of Patriot Front

Antoine Renard is a member of Patriot Front, a Texas-based American white supremacist, neo-Nazi, neo-fascist group. Part of the broader alt-right movement, the group split off from Vanguard America in August 2017 due to the aftermath of the Unite the Right rally. Having already graduated from Richard Montgomery High school, Antoine is likely moved to a new college campus somewhere in the USA. However, if he decides to stay at his parent’s residence in Rockville, it is likely that he will attend Montgomery College. There has recently been an influx of Patriot Front posters wheatpasted in and around Montgomery County, and it’s expected they were put up by Antoine. He is also a fan of the neo-fascist Ukrainian paramilitary group Azov Battalion. It is unclear if he is armed, and it is not certain whether his parents know about his political views. Read the original expose on Antoine Renard here.

15. Brandon Troy Higgs

Reisterstown, MD

brandon higgs patriot front guilty hate crime

Brandon Higgs mugshot

Brandon Troy Higgs of Maryland, was found guilty in January 2020 of attempted voluntary manslaughter, first-degree assault, hate crimes and weapon charges. Higgs’ case stemmed from a December 2018 altercation with two construction workers which started with racial slurs and ended with one worker being shot. Higgs, using the screen name “Americana-MD,” allegedly made hundreds of posts in a Discord chat room focused on planning Unite the Right. He is a member of Patriot Front.

16. Victor Lee Staab

Forest Hills, MD

victor lee staab maryland patriot front nazi

Victor Lee Staab, Patriot Front nazi

Victor Lee Staab has admitted to being present at the 2017 Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, likely with Vanguard America, the precursor to Patriot Front. Victor had “been waiting YEARS for an organization like [Patriot Front]”, and given his high status within the group, it is likely he’s been a key player in its formation under Thomas Roussaeu, the young Texan leader.

17. Jason Philbin 

Berkeley County, West Virginia

jason philbin patriot front nazi

Jason Philbin, Patriot Front neo-Nazi

Jason Philbin of Berkeley County, West Virginia is a neo-Nazi web designer, tech guy, and raging alcoholic. Philbin’s affiliations include Vanguard America, Identity Europa, League of South, TWP, and Patriot Front. He designed the website for Vanguard America.

18. Collin Brett Rikard


collin brett rikard patriot front neo nazi

Collin Brett Rikard, Patriot Front neo Nazi

On Discord, Patriot Front member, Collin Brett Rikard, goes by the handle Walking Holocaust. He lives in Florida and was a member of Vanguard America which has rebranded to Patriot Front. He has been known to hang Nazi posters with his Nazi friend, Halfdan. Collin Rikard goes by a few other names online including Collin Newplain, Justaseller, Notalza, notalzac. He is a low-grade racist troll, too old for shit like this. He should be ashamed of himself, it is really dumb stuff to be involved in. Really, really dumb, racist shit and violent threats. Pizzagate? Shame on you Collin Rikard. Read more here.

19. Andrew “AJ” Sciulli

Bel Air, MD


Andrew “AJ” Sciulli, member of Patriot Front and a Nazi in the US military

Andrew “AJ” Sciulli of Bel Air, MD, is a US Army Gunner and member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Andrew is responsible for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter billboard in Pennsylvania with a Patriot Front banner.

20. Nick John Stiso

Westchester, IL

nick stiso patriot front nazi punk

Nick Stiso, pathetic Patriot Front punk

Who’s that Nick Stiso? More than just a poser punk who’s only claim to fame is that he was a background extra in the SLC Punk movie sequel. (That’s right, the 1998 hit movie had a sleeper sequel which came out in 2016 and he’s in a few crowd scenes) Nick Stiso was oftentimes accompanying Tom Christensen and Adam Richard Glenn, but not cool enough to star in the embarrassing Chicago Proud Boys Sabotage video. He’s a member who operates quietly, often executing missions on behalf of Tom’s commands. Most of the time, he is tasked with either scoping out leftist spaces to try to doxx leftists, committing acts of petty vandalism or doing outright targeted acts of violence. He’s also a member of Patriot Front.

21. Chris Johnson

Fort Worth, TX

christopher johnson patriot front nazi

Chris Johnson, Patriot Front nazi from Fort Worth, Texas

In the suburbs of Ft. Worth, a lonely long-haired man sits behind a computer creating a Roblox character. To many, this would be seen as an inappropriate place online for a grown man. For Chris Johnson, this is another tool to aid in his white supremacist organizing. It cannot be stressed enough how dangerous Chris Johnson is. He isn’t a grifter like Matthew Heimbach, Andy Ngo, or Richard Spencer. Johnson is an armed true-believer and will likely never leave the Neo-Nazi movement. He has been a celebrity in online neo-Nazi circles and has shown not only his willingness to travel across the state to attend protests, but he also travelled across the country to peddle his hate in Charlottesville, VA, where Heather Heyer was murdered.

22. Joffre James Cross III

Houston, TX


Joffre James Cross, Patriot Front member from Houston, Texas

Patriot Front member Joffre James Cross entered a guilty plea on February 5, 2020 in a U.S. District Court nearly a year after federal officials searched his home and found a Vyatskie Polyany 7.62 caliber rifle and approximately 2,200 rounds of ammunition. Cops also found self-assembled “ghost guns” that cannot be traced. He spent five years in federal prison after being convicted in April 2008 of distribution of controlled substances. In that case, Cross and a co-defendant were charged with stealing syringes containing morphine and the anti-anxiety drug diazepam. That conviction made it illegal for Cross to have guns or ammunition. Cross is a former private in the Army’s U.S. 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Cross has connections with affiliates of The Right Stuff, a white nationalist podcast network. On multiple occasions, Cross shared posts and episode links of The Right Stuff podcast “Fash the Nation.” Antisemitic slurs and photos of Nazi paraphernalia dotted posts on Cross’ account on the Russian social media site VK. He also has ties to the Aryan Renaissance Socity, a white supremacist group with connections to racist skinheads. Cross was present at a speech by alt-right frontman Richard Spencer at Texas A&M in December 2016, providing security along with other white supremacists. He is an associate of white supremacist and Patriot Front member William Henry Fears IV, and has posted online about connections to multiple extremist groups.

23. Samuel Cordova

Lakewood, CO


Samuel Cordova, Patriot Front nazi from Lakewood, Colorado

Samuel Cordova is a 20 year old man who lives with his parents in Lakewood, Colorado while attending MSU. Cordova hung Patriot Front flyers in Lakewood which ended up getting an antifascist nearly murdered when they tried to remove the Nazi propaganda. Samuel also targeted LGBTQ-friendly businesses in the area. Samuel Cordova plead guilty to committing a bias motivated crime in that incident. Samuel Cordova is also a gun owner. This is a troublesome revelation, as Patriot Front is most notably remembered for it’s involvement in the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, VA which occurred when the group was still organizing under the name Vanguard America.

24. Jacob Landis Prior

Gig Harbor, WA

jacob pryer patriot front nazi

Jacob Pryer, Patriot Front nazi from Gig Harbor, WA

In the Fall of 2017, Gig Harbor, Washington, saw several instances of Patriot Front flyers being posted in their community. Washington Patriot Front members “Goodest_Boy WA” who is actually Jacob Landis Prior and “Norman” went on several flyering missions and frequently bragged about their antics in the Discord server Front and Center. They would post pictures of missions in the chat rooms so they could be tweeted by Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau. These missions garnered media attention and stirred controversy in Gig Harbor. Liberal groups convened in an attempt to handle the situation. For example, November 16, 2017, user “Goodest_Boy WA” posted pictures from one of his flyering missions. He photographs the flyers with text reading, “Not Stolen, Conquered” and “Resurrection Insurrection” on posts and news boxes throughout the city. “Goodest_Boy WA” even shows himself applying the flyers to various surfaces. This news article documents several of the discovered flyers.

25. Christopher Skylar Brooks

from Georgia, currently lives in Shanghai, China

chris brook patriot front nazi

Christopher Skylar Brooks, a neo-Nazi Patriot Front member living in China

On July 29 of last year, two members of Patriot Front – a fascist and white nationalist organization – placed propaganda at synagogues in Columbus, Georgia in an apparent attempt at intimidation. One of the two people responsible has been identified. In this expose, Christopher Skylar Brooks, who was also a member of the fascist street gang Proud Boys, helped place Patriot Front (PF) materials in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville in May 2019. Brooks was connected to the Patriot Front materials in Lawrenceville via an online brag in combination with Brooks’ internet handle, location, dress, and other clues. Brooks did not last long in Patriot Front, however, he stayed long enough in the organization to target Columbus, Georgia synagogues with another member, a month and a half after the May propaganda run in Lawrenceville.

26. William Henry Fears IV

Houston, TX

University White Nationalists Shooting

William Fears was sentenced to 5 years in prison for choking his girlfriend and aggravated kidnapping. He is a Patriot Front member.

In 2019, Patriot Front member William Henry Fears IV was sentenced to five years in prison for choking his former girlfriend. Fears also attended the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. A video from Unite the Right shows Fears yelling: “Shoot! Fire the first shot in the race war.” William Fears was also arrested with two other men, Colton Fears and Tyler Tenbrink, in Florida on charges of attempted homicide for their roles in an altercation following a speech by white nationalist and neo-Nazi Richard Spencer at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The three men yelled, “Heil Hitler,” “I’m going to f—— kill you,” “kill them,” and “shoot them,” while driving by a group standing near a bus stop. This led to an altercation in which one of them, Tyler Tenbrink, fired a gun.

27. Colton Fears

Houston, TX


Colton Fears at Unite the Right in 2017. He is holding the red sonnenrad shield.

Colton Fears, his brother William Fears, and another man, Tyler Tenbrink, were all arrested in Florida on charges of attempted homicide for their roles in an altercation following a speech by white nationalist and neo-Nazi Richard Spencer at the University of Florida in Gainesville. The three men yelled, “Heil Hitler,” “I’m going to f—— kill you,” “kill them,” and “shoot them,” while driving by a group standing near a bus stop. This led to an altercation in which one of them, Tyler Tenbrink, fired a gun.

28. Travis Beau Golie

Chrisman, IL

travis golie patriot front nazi

Travis Beau Golie in a cringe white supremacist video

Travis Beau Golie has long lived in the shadow of his best friend and possible FBI snitch, Kenneth Gary Zrallack who was outed as a member of Patriot Front, founder of Battalion14/CT White Wolves and White Lives Matter movement, member of North East White Power, New Jersey European Heritage Association, and the KKK. Travis has been a part of various white nationalist front groups including Nationalist Movement and White Lives Matter. He has distributed white supremacist literature in support of White Lives Matter, terror group Patriot Front, and New Jersey Heritage Association with Ken Zrallack. They currently live in the small town of Chrisman, IL in the Champaign-Urbana area with his son and daughter, and Ken’s child.

29. Kenneth Gary Zrallack – aka Ken Harris

Chrisman, IL

kenneth zrallack patriot front nazi

Kenneth Zrallack – all around nazi white supremacist and FBI snitch

Kenneth Gary Zrallack akaKen Zrall aka Ken Harris is a known white supremacist from Stratford, CT, believed to be in the Chambana area with fellow white nationalist Travis Beau Golie of Iowa. Ken was co-founder of Battalion 14 (B14CT), a Nazi group, formerly known as Connecticut White Wolves, and former member of North East White Power. Ken is currently a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front, New Jersey European Heritage Association and the local Ku Klux Klan chapter. He co-founded the White Lives Matter Movement, and was arrested waving a “white lives matter” flag on a highway with Lisa Holly as a political statement in 2018.

30. Jacub Zak


jakub zak patriot front nazi

Jakub Zak, Patriot Front Nazi from Illinois

Patriot Front member Jakub Zak of Illinois, was arrested for owning guns without a license and appears to have threatened a judge and a Jewish preschool for girls, according to leaked online chats. Jakub Zak, 19, was arrested in Illinois last month after a tipster warned the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that Zak was interested in guns and had been seen wearing a shirt promoting the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front on the campus of his community college. The tip led police to  Zak’s home, where they found Zak possessed five guns without a license, in violation of Illinois law. Zak bonded out of jail shortly after his arrest. He has been charged with two misdemeanor offenses, which carry a maximum two years in prison.

31. Matthew Wolf

Lowell, MA

matthew wolf, patriot front nazi

Matthew Wolf, Patriot Front nazi, at his arraignment

On February 13, 2019, Patriot Front flyers were spotted in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Eastern section of the city. Two days later, three Patriot Front members were arrested for putting up the flyers. One man was found to be carrying a spring-loaded 5-inch knife and another had a wood-handled trowel and brass knuckles. Matthew Wolf, 26, of Lowell, Tylar Larson, 18, of Rochester, New York, and Christopher Hood, 20, of Malden, MA.

32. Tylar Larson

Rochester, NY

tyler larson, patriot front nazi

Tyler Larson, Patriot Front nazi, at his arraignment

On February 13, 2019, Patriot Front flyers were spotted in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Eastern section of the city. Two days later, three Patriot Front members were arrested for putting up the flyers. One man was found to be carrying a spring-loaded 5-inch knife and another had a wood-handled trowel and brass knuckles. Matthew Wolf, 26, of Lowell, Tylar Larson, 18, of Rochester, New York, and Christopher Hood, 20, of Malden, MA.

33. Christopher Hood

Malden, MA

christopher hood, patriot front nazi

Christopher Hood, Patriot Front nazi, at his arraignment

On February 13, 2019, Patriot Front flyers were spotted in Boston, Massachusetts, in the Eastern section of the city. Two days later, three Patriot Front members were arrested for putting up the flyers. One man was found to be carrying a spring-loaded 5-inch knife and another had a wood-handled trowel and brass knuckles. Matthew Wolf, 26, of Lowell, Tylar Larson, 18, of Rochester, New York, and Christopher Hood, 20, of Malden, MA.

34. Noah Bogosh

Brookline, MA

patriot front members list full

Noah William Bogosh, Patriot Front member

Noah, the son of a pastor, spent his teen years in Florida—first home-schooled, then at FSU—making him an official Florida Man. He has a DUI in Florida, which is boring by Florida Man standards, but does give us some additional information, like what he looks like. A member of Patriot Front, Noah Bogosh was arrested in Brookline for stickering city property while high. Noah was also part of the Patriot Front group that tried to crash the March Against Cages last year. The anti-ICE protesters quickly surrounded the group and backed them onto the Orange Line, where they stood around looking awkward about being trapped on a train in masks. Hood was the leader of the Boston chapter of Patriot Front at the time (he has since been kicked out for stealing their print shop money to buy weed). He had been arrested earlier in the year on a weapons charge while posting racist flyers in East Boston. Hood was also part of Boston’s supposedly not-fascist Resist Marxism, whose main organizers are now Super Happy Fun America, which organized the Straight Pride Parade. ThinkProgress documented Hood’s ties to RM back when it was active as RM.

35. Andrew Brewer

Bavaria, Germany


Paul Brewer, fascist who tried to join Patriot Front three times

Andrew Brewer is a fascist that was also a Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps cadet at Hohenfels Middle/High School in Bavaria, Germany and an incoming freshman at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia before his acceptance offer was rescinded due to student pressure. Andrew attempted to the join the white supremacist hate group Patriot Front three separate times before his 18th birthday. He regularly describes himself as a fascist, and makes hateful comments about LGBTQIA+, Jews, and minorities on internet forums such as Reddit and Quora.

36. Aaron Christopher Krueger

Lawrenceville, GA

aaron christopher krueger patriot front member

Aaron Krueger, Patriot Front member from Lawrenceville, Georgia

On the morning of March 10, residents of the Candler Park area in Atlanta woke up to find plastic bags weighted down with pebbles strewn on their porches and driveways. Inside the bags were quarter-sheet flyers blaming “a global, rootless elite” for handing over the United States to a “migrant underclass” and trying to “beat the founding stock of the nation into submission.” The small flyers were signed “PATRIOT FRONT.” On leaked discussion messages from a Discord chat server for Patriot Fronta user named “Chris GA” showed himself as central to propaganda efforts in Georgia. In addition to placing Patriot Front stickers and assisting a Patriot Front banner drop, “Chris GA” has distributed thousands of flyers for the organization since late 2017. “Chris GA” is Lawrenceville resident Aaron Christopher Krueger.

37. Cornell Overbeeke

Wheaton, IL

patriot front cornell overbeeke

Cornell Overbeeke is the self-proclaimed local leader of Patriot Front in Wheaton, IL.

Cornell Overbeeke is a Patriot Front member from Wheaton, IL. He’s also a radiologist who denies the severity of COVID, spreads misinformation, and is a full on Stop the Steal MAGA grifter. He is a self-proclaimed member and local leader of Patriot Front, a white nationalist and neo-Nazi organization. He holds a number of racist and antisemitic views. He was also present at the US Capitol siege in Washington DC.

38. Mark Hayden

Brockton, MA

mark hayden patriot front

Mark Hayden of Brockton, MA is a member of neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front

Mark Hayden of Brockton, MA is a member of Patriot Front. He graduated from Brockton High in 2018, and in February 2019, he was one of seven Patriot Front members flyering around East Boston. Two were arrested for carrying weapons, and one for assaulting an officer. Patriot Front is a neo-Nazi group whose leaked Discord chats showed them proposing using “ethnostate rape gangs” to police the behavior of white women. In his shitty punk band, Acid Rain Forest, he plays drums and writes lyrics for songs like “Elliot Rodger: Supreme Gentleman,” referencing the 2014 killings, which left six dead and fourteen injured. Sample lyrics: “Punch women! I punch women!” His lyrics also feature blatant racism. Mark Hayden’s Google+ account displays a plethora of antisemitic, neo-Nazi, and white nationalist imagery. Fuck racism, fuck antisemitism, and fuck neo-Nazis like Patriot Front member Mark Hayden. He’s active in the Brockton music scene.

39. Dustin Baker

Dixon, IL

dustin baker patriot front

Dustin Baker of Dixon, IL is a violent member of neo-Nazi Patriot Front.

Dustin Baker, who goes by @illgoy on Twitter, is a Neo-Nazi with ties to both Identity Evropa and Patriot Front. ustin posting a tweet tagging Nathan Damigo, founder of the white supremacist group Identity Evropa in his two seperate tweets with Identity Evropa’s infamous slogan: “You will not replace us”. In fact, he seems to have created the posters, according to suggestions by this tweet. His connections to Identity Evropa and the American Identity Movement, along with Richard Spencer, don’t stop there. He allows follows, as well is followed by several members and accounts operated by Identity Evropa, including @Chidentitarian, which is a Twitter account that is in part operated by outed Indiana Neo-Nazi American Identity Movement member Peter Earl Diezel. Dustin’s Twitter account also has links to James Marter for Congress, as Marter followed Dustin on Twitter up until a couple of days ago when it was revealed that Dustin was a neo-Nazi and James was confronted on Twitter directly. Not only does Dustin have ties to Identity Evropa, but he also has ties to Patriot Front. In fact, here is one of his tweets where he thanks Richard Spencer and Greg Conte for a very memorable event. This was, as noted on the ticket, from Dustin attending Richard Spencer’s talk at Michigan State University in March of 2018, where Neo-Nazis from all over convened to support Spencer- including such groups as Identity Evropa, Patriot Front, and the now defunct Traditionalist Workers Party. CONTINUE READING…

40. Dalton Albert Kennedy

Benson, NC

dalton kennedy patriot front nazi

Dalton Kennedy of Benson, NC is a member of neo-Nazi Patriot Front

Dalton Albert Kennedy is a member of Patriot Front and can be found in the Unicorn Riot discord database as Alfred. TFW you are bragging about doxing somebody for exercising their free speech and you dox yourself by mistake! The whole thread is at this link, note how many of these guys are military and ex-military. We will get to Dalton Kennedy’s military background soon. Dalton Kennedy appears under a few different names including Dalton Torni and Alfred Torni. Patriot Front is a neo-Nazi organization headed up by a scrawny, pimple faced teenager named “Commander” Thomas Rousseau. In case you haven’t been following closely, Patriot Front splintered off from Vanguard America after one of their members murdered a person in Charlottesville. Dalton Anthony Kennedy was kind enough to post pictures of some of his “activism.” Dalton Kennedy went to West Johnston High School and was in the JROTC and the military. Here is a video of him from that era. If you watch the video, a classmate and fellow JROTC member named Noah Hubbard is interviewed. I wonder how he feels about his classmate being a Nazi? Oh, never mind.

41. Hayden Gray Turner

Weatherford, TX

hayden turner weatherford texas nazi patriot front

Hayden Gray Turner of Weatherford, TX is an open neo-Nazi member of Patriot Front

Originally from Florida, Hayden Gray Turner‘s most recent address brought him to Weatherford, Texas. Turner is a member of Patriot Front and openly admits to being a Nazi. Going online as Halfdan the Grey (he’s not very creative), you will find his Twitter redirects first to an acoount called FLNationalist and then to a new Patriot Front “fan account.” It’s no surprise that this Halfdan shitbird is more than a Patriot Front “fan.” He has been an active member since October 2017 and quickly got deeply involved with the Florida chapter. You will notice that he was vouched for by Discord user Lucilomar aka James Porebski, a rich kid from New Port Richey who has been disappointing his wealthy parents for years. Halfdan immediately got involved in the distribution of Patriot Front’s Nazi propaganda in colleges in Florida. He was also with fellow Florida Nazi Collin Rikard. Halfdan is the bald one. Hayden Turner was working as a security/asset protection associate at Walmart in Florida but he has recently relocated to Weatherford, Texas with his girlfriend Kendra Denton. Hayden Gray Turner is an active propagandist for openly fascist terrorist group Patriot Front on Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, you name it. Hayden Gray Turner’s twitter account is full of dumb, racist takes, musings on the “Jewish Question,” and tough guy posturing.

42. Kevin Metzler

Pinellas, FL

kevin metzler patriot front florida nazi

Kevin Metzler of Pinellas, Florida is a neo-Nazi member of Patriot Front

Kevin Metzler is a Patriot Front Nazi from Pinellas Florida and is a virulent anti-Semite, racist, islamaphobe, and general dumb-ass. Here he is proposing a harassment campaign against local synagogues. Kevin Metzler is also a paranoid conspiracy theory freak who is preparing for some sort of race war by arming his bed with knives and guns. Sweet dreams, Nazi. He even doxxed himself by posting this story about a fire at Suncoast Jeep Dodge in Seminole, Florida which burned up his work station. Kevin Metzler had two different Discord ids.

43. Alex Beilman

Meriden, CT

Alex Beilman, 27, is a Patriot Front member from Meriden, Connecticut. Over several months, many incidents of graffiti and vandalism in the downtown Salem, Massachusetts and surrounding areas were reported. These incidents involved the placing of “tags” from a group calling itself “Patriot Front” onto public and private property.

At approximately 9:48 p.m., Saturday, July 10, 2021, two individuals, masked and wearing hoods, were observed by law enforcement tagging public property. Alex Beilman, age 27 of Meriden, Connecticut, and Kyle Morelli, age 27 of Salem, Massachusetts, were then arrested on charges of Vandalism and Tagging. This is another example of Patriot Front members doing dumb shit that ends up getting themselves exposed.

44. Kyle Morelli

Salem, MA

kyle taylor morelli patiot front leaks

Kyle Taylor Morelli (aka Vincent PA/TX) of Salem, MA is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

UPDATE: Kyle Morelli has been identified as Vincent PA/TX in the Unicorn Riot Patriot Front leak. Kyle Morelli, 27, is a Patriot Front member from Salem, Massachusetts. Over several months, many incidents of graffiti and vandalism in the downtown Salem, Massachusetts and surrounding areas were reported. These incidents involved the placing of “tags” from a group calling itself “Patriot Front” onto public and private property. At approximately 9:48 p.m., Saturday, July 10, 2021, two individuals, masked and wearing hoods, were observed by law enforcement tagging public property. Alex Beilman, age 27 of Meriden, Connecticut, and Kyle Morelli, age 27 of Salem, Massachusetts, were then arrested on charges of Vandalism and Tagging. This is another example of Patriot Front members doing dumb shit that ends up getting themselves exposed.

45. Ian Michael Elliot

Harvest, AL
ian michael elliot patriot front harvest alabama

Ian Michael Elliot is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front

Ian Michael Elliott of Harvest, Alabama is a member of the racist and fascist organization Patriot Front, going by the alias of “Norman AL” within the group. Elliott is also highly active in martial arts: he trains at Triad Martial Arts in Huntsville, Alabama and teaches at Concealed Tactical, a Krav Maga school in Madison, Alabama. In the neo-Nazi “Church of Aryanity” Telegram channel, Elliott – using the alias “Varangian” – states that he spends most of his time “traveling, and training, with White Nationalists”. By sharing his martial arts skills with racist associates, Elliott helps white supremacists prepare for violence against their enemies. Continue reading…

46. James Julius Johnson

Seattle, WA
james julius johnson seattle washington patriot front nazi

James Julius Johnson is a neo-Nazi member of Patriot Front

James Julius Johnson is a member of the Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group “Patriot Front.” He operates under the name “Tyler WA” and lives in Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood. Johnson uses his 3D printer to create stencils for the group to use for hate crimes, and openly talks at member meetings about creating unserialized “ghost” guns. Continue reading…

47. Ryan Richard Sundberg

Campbell, CAryan richard sundberg campbell california patriot front nazi

Ryan Sundberg is a member of Patriot Front that currently lives in Campbell, CA in a home owned by his wife Jennifer’s parents: Frank and Margaret Dixon. Photos provided to NoCARA document Ryan Sundberg attending a hike with other Patriot Front members at White Mountain Wilderness in Inyo National Forest earlier in 2021. Sundberg traveled to this PF gathering in a truck registered to his company Arctype Corporation. For example, the public Twitter account for Arctype Corp. has a history of engaging with white nationalist politics on the platform. The Arctype Corp. account was used to “like” tweets published by VDARE, an alt-right website operated by Peter Brimelow that pushes racist and nationalist takes on immigration issues. Though Sundberg’s personal Twitter account is currently suspended, searches show Sundberg was using it at some point to discuss racist theories about genetics. Continue reading…

48. Jacob Stephen Sundt

Olympia, WA

jacob stephen sundt olympia washington patriot front

Jacob Sundt of Olympia, Oregon is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Jacob Stephen Sundt is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group “Patriot Front.” He operates under the name “Clarke WA” and lives in Olympia, WA.

Sundt is responsible for planning the vandalism of the “Respect & Love Olympia” LGBTQ mural under the direct guidance of both his Network Director “John WA” and the leader of Patriot Front, Thomas Rousseau.

Jake Sundt is also the son of a judge for the Washington State Office of Administrative Hearings. Continue reading…

49. Richard James Flannery

Central Point, OR

richard james flannery central point oregon patriot front

Richard James Flannery of Central Point, Oregon is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

This article identifies Richard James Flannery of Central Point, Oregon as Patriot Front member “Alexander-OR” (PF-109720). Since joining Patriot Front at the beginning of 2021, Flannery has worked with other Oregon members in spreading the group’s fascist, white supremacist promotional materials throughout the state. Alongside Patriot Front neo-Nazis from across the Pacific Northwest, Richard Flannery traveled to Olympia, Washington to vandalize an LGBTQ+ Pride mural in October 2021. He also traveled to the East Coast to march through D.C. chanting white nationalist slogans with over 100 other members of Patriot Front on December 4th. Continue reading…

50. Casey James Knuteson

Gaston, OR

casey james knuteson gaston oregon patriot front

Casey James Knuteson of Gatson, Oregon is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

As the result of collaborative efforts between Pacific Northwest antifascist crews and ongoing infiltration of Patriot Front chapters, we can now identify Casey James Knuteson as a member of Patriot Front, a former Portland Proud Boy, and current resident of Gaston, Oregon. Over the past 4 to 5 months, Knuteson – along with his Oregon and Washington Patriot Front buddies – have posted a variety of white nationalist propaganda around Portland; they have also defaced Black Lives Matter murals and public art related to black history. Because of his continued connections with local Proud Boys, Knuteson has been networking on behalf of Patriot Front and establishing contact with local Proud Boy and far-right leaders such as Daniel Tooze. As one would expect from a member of an overtly fascist group such as Patriot Front, Knuteson is an avowed fascist and white supremacist, and should be considered a danger to his local community. Continue reading…

51. Lawrence Alexander Norman

Prospect, OR

lawrence alexander norman prospect oregon patriot front

Lawrence Alexander Norman is a neo-Nazi member of Patriot Front.

Lawrence Alexander Norman of Prospect, Oregon is a member of of the white nationalist organization Patriot Front. Norman has been photographed attending and participating in the group’s PNW meetings and trainings. Members of Patriot Front are assigned a two part call-sign with a generic name and their state. Lawrence Norman is known to the group as Frederick OR. Lawrence has made appearances at Patriot Front’s events in the Pacific Northwest. He notably helped the group during their defacement of the aforementioned Black Lives Matter mural in Olympia, Washington. He (and his stupid fucking manbun) can be seen in the following stills taken from videos recorded during a practice session and  during the vandalism itself. Continue reading…

52. Paul Michael Gancarz

paul gancarz patriot front virginia beach

Paul Michael Gancarz of Virginia Beach, VA is a Patriot Front neo-Nazi.

Virginia Beach, VA

Paul Michael Gancarz is a fascist and Patriot Front’s Network Director for the region covering Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware. He currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but is originally from New York City where he has strong ties to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and Forest Hills, Queens. As a member of Patriot Front, Gancarz is very active in the group’s propaganda campaigns in both New York and Virginia where he is responsible for much of the Patriot Front stickers, posters, and stencils reported in these areas. In his role as a Patriot Front Network Director, Paul would have been directly involved or consulted on high-profile vandalism in his network, such as the defacement of the Arthur Ashe mural in Richmond, Virginia. As the host for Patriot Front marches in Washington DC on January 29th, 2021 and more recently on December 4th, 2021, he would have had a large role in the organizing and staging of these fascist spectacles (and any U-haul mishaps that may have occurred). Continue reading…

53. Logan Plank

logan plank grad patriot front leak

Logan Plank of Woods Cross, IL is a fascist grad who is a member of the Patriot Front, a neo-Nazi movement from the United States.

Woods Cross, IL
Logan Plank aka Patriot Front member Clarke IL, an STL-area, Sheet Metal union (SMART 36) applicant, son of Wood River, IL councilman Jeremy Plank and Bethalto teacher Tiffany Plank. Then we open up the direct messaged private conversations between Logan under the name Clarke IL and his Patriot Front network director Carter MO. So when member Clarke IL sends his resume for review ahead of an application into SMART Local 36’s apprenticeship program, which makes Clarke’s identification very easy. The image is available for download from the Unicorn Riot Patriot Front Leaks Vault. On his resume, Logan provides his contact info as well as claims to work at Jewett Roofing Company in Greenville, IL. Action items are at the bottom of the article. Continue reading…

54. Daniel Turetchi

Owings Mills, MD

dan turetchi grant md real estate

Dan Turetchi is a real estate agent from Owings Mills, MD. Turetchi is a member of the American neo-Nazi movement, Patriot Front.

Thanks to the latest release of Patriot Front Chat logs by Unicorn Riot, we can identify Daniel Turetchi of Owings Mills, Maryland as “Grant-MD”. Turetchi is employed as a licensed Real Estate Agent for ExecuHome Realty in Parkville, MD, and an active member and Network Scribe of Patriot Front’s Network 9 (NW9), encompassing the Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia areas. He resides at Beckett Green Condominiums in Owings Mills, Maryland, a Baltimore suburb, since purchasing a unit in 2018. Continue Reading…

55. William Scott Planer

william scott planer elizabeth colorado

William Scott Planer is a member of the neo-Nazi movement, Patriot Front. Sad.

Elizabeth, CO

Thanks to leaks published by Unicorn Riot of the neo-Nazi Patriot Front’s private chats and video recordings, Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists has identified William Scott Planer (Wilson CO) as a member of Patriot Front’s Colorado Chapter. William Scott Planer previously organized with the Golden State Skinheads and Traditionalist Workers Party. He caught charges for beating several anti-fascist protestors in Sacramento but fled to Colorado where he got picked up for vandalizing the Colorado Springs Jewish Center. Planer was involved in a number of white supremacist propaganda pieces in Colorado. Here he’s pictured panting a Patriot Front stencil under a highway in Centennial. The GPS EXIF data on the photo shows us exactly where the photo was taken. You can learn more about Planer’s history in fascist organizing from Rocky Mountain Antifa. You can also learn about his Justina Thatcher here. William Planer currently lives in Elizabeth, Colorado.

56. Karter Regan Brown

Marietta, GAkarter brown marietta georgia patriot front leak

Karter Regan Brown (born 1992) joined Patriot Front last year and goes by “Jackson GA” within the organization. He appears in leaked footage from the organization’s Tallahassee training camp, held in preparation for the white supremacist group’s December rally in Washington, DC. He rented a vehicle for Georgia members to attend this rally and traveled up with them. Brown also helps meet with and vet potential members of the white supremacist organization, according to leaked internal communications. In these messages, Brown/“Jackson GA” announced that he had checked in with his wife and planned to attend Patriot Front’s January 8th mobilization in Chicago, Illinois. Like many Patriot Front members, Brown comes from a well-off family. Brown’s father is Kraig Ryan Brown, the CEO of Office Practicum – a pediatric electronic health record / electronic medical record (EHR / EMR) company – and it appears that Karter Brown also works in the EHR industry. Karter Brown lives with his wife, an aspiring actor, in the Princeton Mill subdivision of Marietta. His CEO father lives around the corner. Continue reading…

57. Christian Ian Foshee

Milledgeville, GA christian ian foshee milledgeville ga patriot front unicorn riot leak

We first encountered Christian Ian Foshee (born 1990) last year, when we mentioned him as a neo-Nazi active in COVID-19 denial channels on the Telegram messaging application. Foshee lives in Milledgeville, Georgia, and goes by the alias “Jesse GA” within Patriot Front. During Patriot Front’s Tallahassee, Florida training camp in October, Foshee claimed to be ex-military, telling neo-Nazi Ian Michael Elliott that he had “wrestled [while] in the Marines.” Patriot Front assigned Foshee to its rearguard shield-carrying group during its December national rally in Washington, DC. An image from the rural Virginia camp immediately before this rally shows Foshee in formation with others from the rearguard group. According to his leaked messages, Foshee organized additional training for Patriot Front members in Georgia before they headed north for the December 4th rally. After the rally, Foshee / “Jesse GA” stated that “we got a good group of guys here ” and that he was “excited to grow [Patriot Front in] our state.” Both Brown (“Jackson GA” within Patriot Front) and Foshee (“Jesse GA”) are visible in footage from the organization’s training camp in Tallahassee, Florida, which was held last October. Christian Foshee is also visible in an image of Patriot Front’s drill formations at a Unionville, Virginia camp, just before the racist group held its December 4th national rally in Washington, DC. Karter Brown also attended the December Patriot Front rally in Washington DC, renting a van for Patriot Front members from Georgia to drive to the event. Continue reading…

58. Dustin Sargent

dustin sargent masonry kunkletown pa

Neo-nazi Patriot Front loser Dustin Sargent identified as “Alan-PA”, owner of Sargent and Sons Masonry, in Kunkletown, PA.


Anti-Fascists unaffiliated with Philly Antifa have identified one member, known in Patriot Front chats as Alan-PA, as Dustin Sargent, owner of Sargent and Sons Masonry in Kunkletown, PA. We have independently confirmed the information sent to us through the above mentioned data leak and social media posts by Sargent. “Alan-PA” (Sargent) lent his 02 Ford Pickup (PA ZRC8587) to “Jackson-PA” and “Erik-PA”, who drove it to DC for the Patriot Front march held there in December. Once the truck from the DC meetup was linked to Sargent, it was easy to find plenty of evidence of his racist, fascist politics. His Facebook has videos of British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley (a favorite among Patriot Front members) as well as an anti-Semitic video pushing the conspiracy theory of a Jewish cabal trying to destroy western civilization. Sargent’s FB friends list is riddled with fellow nazis as well. It’s worth noting that Sargent uses his FB for business, so his friends list includes people who may be unaware of his politics, though anyone who bothered to look at his profile should be able to spot it pretty quickly. Continue reading…

59. Colton Michael Brown

colton michael brown ravensdale wa patriot front leak unicorn riot

Colton Michael Brown (aka John WA) of Ravensdale, Washington is a Network Director for the neo-Nazi fascist group Patriot Front.

Ravensdale, WA

Colton Michael Brown is a Network Director in the neo-Nazi, fascist group Patriot Front. He operates under the name “John WA” and lives in Ravensdale, WA. As a Network Director, the highest leadership role you can obtain under national leader Thomas Rousseau, Brown enforces and contributes to Patriot Front’s white supremacist culture and hatred. Brown’s area of responsibility includes the officially-designated “Network 8” (often stylized “NW8” or “Network VIII”1) in western Washington state, plus the less-developed “clusters” in Oregon and Eastern Washington/Idaho. Brown has organized several hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest, with the approval and frequent supervision of Rousseau. Brown targeted a mural of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor in Portland in July 2021, and participated in the vandalism of the “Respect and Love Olympia” mural in October 2021, among others. His eagerness to spread Patriot Front’s white nationalist message is well-known among the other Network Directors, as Brown is often pushing to break records in placing stickers and dropping banners. He is known locally for setting the record for most cities stickered in a single day2, and has had his network post upwards of five banners in one trip. His network’s chat is active and jovially discusses anti-semitic beliefs and racism, with explicit neo-Nazi references. Brown uses the chat to teach members how to commit hate crimes without getting caught. He is unashamed to hold neo-Nazi beliefs and should not be welcomed in our community. Brown was also identified by name in a massive Unicorn Riot exposé describing Patriot Front’s inner workings and sharing hundreds of gigabytes of private videos, images, and direct messages among members and leadership. Continue reading…

60. Calvin Stow-Ortiz

calvin joseph stow ortiz tallahassee florida

Calvin Joseph Stow-Ortiz of Tallahassee, Florida is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Tallahassee, FL

We would like to introduce you to Calvin Joseph Stow-Ortiz (born 2003), who is known as “Arthur FL” within Patriot Front (PF). PF is a white supremacist organization founded in the aftermath of 2017’s bloody “Unite the Right” rally, as a splinter from and rebrand of Vanguard America. Recently, the Unicorn Riot media collective published a giant trove of PF documents, video, and internal messages. Not long after the public release of those materials, our inbox started filling with tips that Stow-Ortiz was a Patriot Front member. It is easy to identify Stow-Ortiz through the metadata of a Word document included in the PF data leak. That’s right, Stow-Ortiz got “doxed” through his .docx! PF member “Arthur FL” sent his leader, Thomas Rousseau, the Word document containing lyrics for a “marching song” he hoped the organization would adopt. The .docx file’s metadata provides the name of its author: Calvin Stow-Ortiz. An image shared by “Arthur FL” to his “Network Director” in PF, “Lawrence FL,” further supports this identification. In that image, “Arthur FL” revealed a Twitter account which he uses. The Twitter account’s handle begins with the letters “Sto” and ends with “tiz”: an apparent reference to Stow-Ortiz’s surname. In PF communications, “Arthur FL” referred to spending time in Tampa, where Calvin Stow-Ortiz’s family lives. “Arthur FL” also revealed his university in PF communications, stating on November 15, 2021 that “[Right-wing figure Ben] Shapiro speaks in an hour at my campus”. Shapiro held a speaking event that evening on the Florida State University (FSU) campus in Tallahassee. Calvin Stow-Ortiz’s LinkedIn profile shows that he had briefly studied political science at University of Tampa, which suggests he may be in a similar department at FSU. Stow-Ortiz’s leaked communications as “Arthur FL” show that he traveled regularly to promote PF and do “activism” for the group. Continue reading…

61. Charles Sean Conry

charles sean conry asheville nc

Charles Sean Conry of Asheville, North Carolina is a member of Patriot Front, a neo-Nazi organization based in the United States.

Asheville, NC

Meet the newest nazi transplant from Florida to the Asheville area, Charles Sean Conry AKA Jesse NC. Charlie is an active member of the fascist white supremacist organization Patriot Front.  Patriot Front (PF) is a splinter from and rebranding of its former incarnation, Vanguard America, which held the prime organizers and participants in the infamous Unite The Right rally in 2017. Two weeks after James Fields, Jr. murdered Heather Heyer at UTR in Charlottesville, Virginia, a very young Thomas Rousseau announced the transformation of Vanguard America into “Patriots Front,” seizing control of the Southern Front Discord server from ex-marine Dillon Irizarry (aka Dillon Hopper). Conry is responsible for the bulk of fascist propaganda placed in WNC over the last six months including stickers, stenciled graffiti and banner drops.  He is the main creator of the stencils and banners for the western half of North Carolina using a Cricut machine to make his fascist stencils. While Patriot Front likes to try to keep their image as clean as they can get, members break organizational rules: as did Charles when he posted a swastika on a local bookstore along with PF stickers on the night of January 8th. He was also spotted placing stickers in downtown Asheville with another yet-to-be-identified individual. Continue reading…

62. Jon Paul Struys

jon paul struys traverse city michigan

Jon-Paul Struys of Traverse City, Michigan is a member of the neo-fascist, neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Traverse City, MI

Based on a tip from Central Oregon Antifascist (COA), anti-racists in Michigan have unmasked two Patriot Front members.  These two PF members are brothers and they both reside in the Traverse City area. Colorado Springs Antifascists sent this link that tied PF member “Johnny MI” (an alias) to Jon-Paul Struys, someone that was arrested at 2017’s Unite the Right (UtR) in Charlottesville. From there, and from the tip, Michigan anti-racists filled in the rest.  Because of the leaks hosted by Unicorn Ninja, anti-racists in Michigan were able to social map the Michigan Cluster of Patriot Front. This mapping allowed the anti-racists to confirm the provided identity and then the additional link to the brother. Jon-Paul Struys in the leaked chats identified himself as being experienced in security work. This was confirmed by his LinkedIn account. We would love to know if he is still in that field and where. Minorities are not likely to ever feel secure around a racist fascist. Contact info at bottom of report. From there they confirmed that Jon-Paul Struys had a brother named Joseph Andrew Struys (alias Ulysess MI).  Jon-Paul may live on Grouse St in Traverse City and Joseph may live on Moorestown Road in Fife. Information on Joseph is a bit more scarce. (again, tips are welcome) but anti-racists did unearth a racist Twitter account that fairly  matches up with the racist zeitgeist of the time.  Micheal Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Anne Coulter, Richard Spencer retweets galore! Continue reading…

63. Joseph Andrew Struys

joseph andrew struys traverse city michigan

Joseph Andrew Struys of Traverse City, Michigan is a member of the U.S. based neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Traverse City, MI

After identfying Jon Paul Struys as a member of Patriot Front, anti-racists in Michigan were able to confirm that Jon-Paul Struys has a brother named Joseph Andrew Struys (alias Ulysess MI).  Jon-Paul may live on Grouse St in Traverse City and Joseph may live on Moorestown Road in Fife. Information on Joseph is a bit more scarce. (again, tips are welcome) but anti-racists did unearth a racist Twitter account that fairly  matches up with the racist zeitgeist of the time.  Micheal Malice, Tulsi Gabbard, Anne Coulter, Richard Spencer retweets galore! Continue reading…

64. Zachary R. Stern

zachary r stern bushkill pa

Zachary R. Stern of Bushkill, PA is a member of the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front.

Bushkill, PA

Ma nishma from the Anonymous Comrades Collective! Bad tidings to 28 year old Zachary R. Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylania, This schmuck was just exposed for renting one of the trucks used in Nazi goon squad Patriot Front’s humiliating Philadelphia rally. It was revealed in the Huffington Post that Zachary R. Stern of Bushkill, PA rented a truck that transported neo-Nazis Patriot Front to their embarrassing rally in Philadelphia. Zachary R. Stern (Ryan PA) is not an unknown quantity in the world of Nazis and Fascists. He has deep roots in the National Socialist Black Metal community. In 2011 Zach Stern’s band Nuklearenpest claimed they were “anti-zionist,” but not a “racist/NS band. 2/3 members are Jewish, 1/3 is Mexican.” According to their manifesto: “VIOLENT RAW BLACK METAL, NUKLEARENPEST OPPOSES THE NATIONALIST POLITICAL REGIME OF THE ISRAELI ZIONISTS.” Despite being Jewish, Zach Stern soon registered a music distribution company called Vanguard Productions out of his parent’s Piscataway, New Jersey home. This company catered to Nazis and White Nationalists. He quickly earned himself a “Hate Group” designation from the SPLC. Vanguard Productions distributed Nazi music, books, & merch: Self describing thusly: “VANGUARD PRODUCTIONS is not a commercial label and thus remains unapologetic for the right wing/fascist views expressed on many of its releases. Herd/weak mentalities will find no welcome here” Despite Bushkill PA’s Zach Stern being ethnically Jewish, his company distributed NSBM music and books by George Lincoln Rockwell, Esoteric Hitlerism guru Miguel Serrano, Francis Parker Yockey, and The National Socialist Political Soldier’s Handbook etc. Jewish Nazis selling George Lincoln Rockwell t-shirts. Oy vey! Read more about the murdered leader of the American Nazi Party here. Learn more about neo-Nazi and Patriot Front member Zachary R. Stern HERE and HERE.

65. Dalton Woodward

dalton woodward chester arkansas

Dalton Woodward of Chester, Arkansas is a neo-Nazi member of Patriot Front.

Chester, AR

Dalton Russell Woodward (“Jesse AR”) is the current “Interview Coordinator” for Patriot Front (PF), a white supremacist organization operating across the US. Atlanta Antifascists first exposed Woodward as a white nationalist in 2019, while he was an active-duty Georgia National Guardsman stationed in Afghanistan. Following media attention and the return of Woodward’s unit to the US, the National Guard eventually removed him. Woodward currently lives in Chester, Arkansas. As Patriot Front’s national Interview Coordinator, Woodward organizes the initial interview sessions in which applicants submit to questioning by trusted PF members. These first interviews are conducted over a voice call and aim to identify potential infiltrators and to ensure ideological consistency. If a prospective member passes this first test, an in-person meetup is scheduled for further scrutiny, including a physical search and examining the contents of their phone. Woodward’s work as Interview Coordinator is a key part of PF’s security structure and is crucial to maintaining PF’s internal culture of fascism, white supremacy, and antisemitism. In January 2022, the Unicorn Riot media collective published a trove of internal Patriot Front communications, documents, images, and video footage. Soon after this leak, we received a tip linking Dalton Woodward to a PO Box in Chester, Arkansas that “Jesse AR” provided in a message. Leaked video from PF further confirms that Woodward is “Jesse AR.” Dalton Woodward also communicated with The Base’s Georgia cell leader, Luke Austin Lane, while Lane awaited trial for attempting to kill antifascists. In January 2020, Lane and two other members of The Base were arrested for conspiracy to murder a couple whom they believed to be “high-ranking Antifa members” affiliated with Atlanta Antifascists. While putting together their murder plot, this trio of neo-Nazis unwisely relied on the help of an FBI infiltrator. They also got their targets wrong: the people they wanted to kill are not members of Atlanta Antifascists. Continue reading…

66. Jeff Daniel

jeff daniel arizona

Leo AZ, PF-935510, not present in chat logs, left Patriot Front between 11/21/2021 and 12/8/2021.


From Steven Monacelli: Thanks to the help of a tipster I am able to identify a pseudonymous member of a White Lives Matter rally in Fort Worth, Texas last year who spewed white supremacist talking points. Apparently, he was a member of Patriot Front and doesn’t live in Texas. At the time, he gave a fake name. I later found social media accounts associated with his pseudonym, which included anti-Semitic memes on Facebook and pro-Hitler apologia on Quora. Jeff Daniel runs a naturopathic business in Arizona. The Facebook page for the business includes blatant Covid-19 misinformation and one meme that looks extremely odd out of context but makes more sense when you know about Jeff’s political hobby. As I said then, I will say now: the most vocal members of the White Lives Matter rally in Fort Worth, like Jeff Daniel, clearly harbored racist or white supremacist beliefs, which they poorly tried to conceal with watch-words and concern trolling about victims of violence. Read the full thread by Steven Monacelli here.

67. Devin Alexander Heming

Altoona, PAdevin alexander heming altoona pa

Let’s give a big warm welcome to Patriot Front member Devin Alexander Heming of Altoona, Pennsylvania AKA “Alexander PA”! Devin is likely responsible for the white supremacist vandalism of a memorial at MLK Plaza in State College, Pa. Fuck you Devin and welcome to the spotlight! Read the full thread here.

68. Victor Krvaric

victor krvaric san diego ca

Victor Krvaric is a 21-year-old prospect for the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front. He is also a corporal in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and is a contracted security guard for the Department of Homeland Security.

San Diego, CA

Yesterday we identified a Patriot Front prospect as San Diego local Victor Krvaric. Victor is corporal in the Marine Corps Reserve, and he also works as a contracted security guard for the Department of Homeland Security. According to leaked Patriot Front chat documents obtained by @UR_Ninja, an unnamed 21-year-old prospect (#441215) from San Diego was interviewed on 12/7/2021. In the interview, the person admits he “was” in the marines & did contract work for DHS. Victor’s Instagram and LinkedIn profile show he works as a contracted security guard for DHS since Jan 2020 & has been in the US Marine Corps since July 2018. The interviewee admits he was doxxed because of a BLM protest. We first learned about Victor in 2020 when he threatened BLM activists with his car at a protest in Scripps Ranch. Victor’s face and name were spread around the Internet due to the threats. Given this information & evidence, we have no doubt the San Diego Patriot Front prospect that was interviewed is Victor Krvaric. The interview of Patriot Front Prospect No. 441215 is here and here. We also received word that this information was provided to Victor’s command and it will be investigated. Continue reading…

69. Riley Johnson

riley johnson dakota state university

Riley Johnson is a member of the U.S. based neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front. He is currently majoriing in Computer Science at the University of South Dakota.

Sioux Falls, SD

What we have also learned from combing the leaked chats is that the group also tries to recruit members who have experience with programming and cybersecurity onto their “tech team.” This brings us to Riley Johnson a.k.a Tyler SD. Riley is currently majoring in Computer Science at the University of South Dakota, and has done internships with the defense contractor known as Mantech. He has participated in numerous cybersecurity competitions including one hosted by AT&T.  He is also an avid racist and one of three members of patriot front in South Dakota. He has also worked extensively on Patriot Front’s website and cybersecurity. In the chat logs Riley shows his extensive knowledge of computer science, and frequently helps members with websites they own. Oddly despite his technical knowledge Riley was never on Patriot Front’s tech team but did play a huge role in vetting new Patriot front members. Due to a paranoia of infiltration by antifascists, the group has an extensive vetting process involving first filling out an application for the group then participating in an online and in person interview. Riley was the notetaker for many of the online interviews, and sometimes participated in vetting members in person. He also played a role in the decision to accept new applicants. It is worth noting that a lot of applicants political affiliations are explicitly National Socialist or white nationalist. Applicants must also be straight white males between the ages of 18-35 (Although they have recruited teenagers younger than 18) and cannot be overweight or have medical conditions. Continue reading…

70. Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager

tristan michaelangelo yeager denton haslet tx

Tristan Micaelangelo Yeager (Michael TX) is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front who has been responsible for multiple hate-related crimes in the United States.

Haslet, TX

Today we would like to introduce you to Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager (Michael TX) who also happens to be the newest resident of Patriot Front HQ recently located to Haslet, TX. Other residents include Thomas Rousseau, Graham Jones Whitson, and Kieran Morris. Originally from California, Tristan Yeager previously was known as Michael CA was booked on a charge of deadly conduct in Denton, Texas in May of 2021. The residents of Patriot Front HQ in Haslet have a practice of removing their license plates but that was easily circumvented by information disclosed in the recent Unicorn Riot/DDOSecrets leak. At least you can stop that whole charade now, right Tristan? Leaked RocketChat entries also suggest that local partisans came in contact with Tristan Yeager in DC late last year when their box trucks were redecorated. ACTION ITEMS: Tristan Yeager is a student at Tarrant County College and as of August 2021 was employed by Brinks, Inc in Denton, Texas. We and countless others promise that the people aware of this information that do nothing about it will be mentioned alongside Patriot Front members as future crimes are committed. Don’t let your or your business’ reputation be synonymous with this hate group and their actions. Read the complete dox here.

71. Christian Tyler Goggins

christian tyler goggins bessemer alabama

Tyler Goggins of Bessemer, Alabama is a member of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Bessemer, AL

Christian Tyler Goggins (born 1993) of Bessemer, Alabama is a member of Patriot Front (PF), a white supremacist and fascist organization whose members just keep getting exposed. Goggins goes by the alias “Andrew AL” within the racist group. A trove of PF internal communications that was leaked online in January 2022 clearly identifies Goggins as “Andrew AL”. Goggins participated in PF’s masked national rally in Washington, DC on December 4, 2021 alongside other Alabama members. He also joined PF members in placing propaganda for the organization in Birmingham, Alabama the weekend before that demonstration. Goggins’ online trails connect him to other white supremacist circles such as the neo-Nazi bonehead music scene. In a message sent before Patriot Front’s national demonstration in December, Goggins shared his home address to another Alabama member, “James AL”. “James AL” was supposed to leave his car at Goggins’ home, before another PF member, “Sean AL”, collected the two and drove them north. Goggins also identified himself by providing a CashApp account linked to his real name in an earlier message to “Sean AL”. After Patriot Front’s national rally, Goggins further confirmed his participation by posting to a PF regional chat that he was “Really glad I was able to make it out and finally be a part of one of the demonstrations”. According to leaked comments, Goggins and three other Patriot Front members also placed propaganda in Birmingham, Alabama on the night of Sunday, November 28, 2021 – less than a week before the road trip to the DC rally. Continue reading…

72. Petri Hyde

Fort Worth, TX

petri hyde fort worth texas patriot front nazi

Petri Hyde aka “Robert TX” of Fort Worth, Texas

NEW PATRIOT FRONT MEMBER IDENTIFIED: Meet PETRI HYDE aka Robert TX of Fort Worth, TX —- This dossier had contributions from@SalishcoastA@trashpandaAFA and a big one from@Centraloregona1! Petri Hyde has worn many hats in the last decade so let’s dive right in! For those keeping score at home l, antifascists are stacking up the count of Patriot Front membership identified. We personally didn’t know you could stack shit that high. Petri Hyde was a student at the University of North Texas and a member of the now infamous North Texas College Republicans. The North Texas College Republicans offshoot UNT Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) are full on fascists now. Petri Hyde also received a scholarship from the Finnish American Business GuildYIKES! I bet they’re proud of their Nazi alum. After college young Petri Hyde used his privilege to go to Austin in 2017 and intern for 20+ year Texas House of Representatives member Phil King representing Parker and Wise Counties. Parker County… shocker. The Republican to fascist pipeline strikes again. Petri came back home and has recently been involved in his family’s metal fabrication turned wine business RA Hyde Wines and Vineyard aka Casual Friday Winery owned by his father. As of December Petri Hyde was also employed as a vendor relations analyst for the debt collection agency and “law firm” Scott & Associates. It was the Yankee hat that got you, you dumb fuck. And for those that need a reminder there is no home for nazis in North Texas. We protect us! Read archived dox from Twitter here.


tyler russell arbuckle mary freeze utah

Tyler Arbuckle is a member of neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front.

Tyler Russell Arbuckle (born July 1998) of Utah is a member of the white supremacist, neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. Tyler Arbuckle goes by the alias “Anthony UT” within the white supremacist, neo-fascist group. In January 2022, leaked messages and images from Patriot Front’s RocketChat internal communications was published on Unicorn Riot and clearly identifies Tyler Arbuckle as “Anthony UT”. Tyler has participated in placing neo-Nazi propaganda, demonstrations, and drills with the racist organization. Moreover, Arbuckle graduated from the United States Air Force at Lackland AFB, is likely an active member of the U.S. military, and is probably stationed at Hill Air Force Base in Utah. Continue reading…

74. Justin Michael O’Leary

justin michael oleary des moines wa

Justin Michael O’Leary of Des Moines, Washington is a member of the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front, which is based in the United States.

Des Moines, WA

Justin Michael O’Leary is a member of the neo-Nazi, neo-fascist, white-supremacist group Patriot Front (PF). He operates under the name “Ethan WA” and lives in Des Moines, WA, with his wife, who holds similar views. O’Leary is the acting Network Quartermaster, making him responsible for storing materials used in various hate crimes in the Pacific Northwest. O’Leary is highly active and has attended several Patriot Front banner drops, stencilings, hikes, and more. O’Leary helped deface the “Respect and Love Olympia” mural in October 2021, and was also present at the recent December 4th fascist march in Washington, DC. Justin O’Leary first interviewed with Patriot Front on August 7th, 2021. In this first interview, O’Leary detailed the path he took to becoming a neo-Nazi. Despite being a Jill Stein voter in 2016, O’Leary described being radicalized to the right by Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder. Owen Benjamin, a right-wing comedian who denies the Holocaust and defends Hitler, convinced O’Leary that masturbating was bad and antithetical to starting families. Through Benjamin, and fellow antisemitic figure Nick Fuentes, O’Leary was introduced to Thomas Sewell, the Australian neo-Nazi who leads the National Socialist Network and founded another white supremacist group that once tried to recruit the man who would become the 2019 Christchurch mosque shooter. Thomas Sewell, who was arrested for assault and armed robbery, gave Patriot Front a positive review, as did the US-based Nationalist Social Club2, and O’Leary decided to give Patriot Front a closer look. Continue reading…

75. Mitchell Fredrick Wagner

Florissant, MO

mitchell frederick wagner florrisant missouri

Mitchell Wagner is a member of the neo-Nazi organization, Patriot Front.

A man was arrested months after a mural on the Washington University campus that honors prominent figures from Black history was vandalized with racist graffiti. On Dec. 18, Washington University was notified the mural had been defaced. The mural, located at the South 40 Underpass, depicts famous African Americans, including John Lewis and Chadwick Boseman. The school said someone painted over the faces and added the symbol and name of a white supremacist group. Surveillance video helped identify a vehicle that was seen at the time of the vandalism. The license plates on the car matched 24-year-old Mitchell Wagner, who was later arrested and charged with first-degree property damage, according to the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office. The surveillance video also allegedly showed three other individuals vandalizing the mural. Continue reading…

76. Brian D. Harwood

Barnstable, MA

brian d harwood barnsrtable ma patriot front

Brian D. Harwood of Barnstable, MA is a Network Quartermaster of Patriot Front’s Network 7. Patriot Front is a U.S. based neo-Nazi organization.

To start off one of many articles exposing members of New England’s Patriot Front membership, let’s give a warm welcome to Brian D. Harwood (born 1997) of Barnstable, Massachusetts, who goes by “Henry MA”. Harwood is a Network Quartermaster (NQ) of Patriot Front’s Network 7 (NW7), which encompasses Patriot Front membership from Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Patriot Front has been a fixture in the American extreme right movement since late 2017, when it was founded by Thomas Rousseau in the wake of the disastrous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Harwood has likely been a member of Patriot Front since late 2019, but it is unclear exactly when he joined.​​​​​​​ Brian Harwood currently is a leader in Patriot Front nationally, but is more specifically a major leader in NW7. As NQ, Harwood is instrumental in coordinating NW7 with national Patriot Front leadership as well as with other prominent Patriot Front members across the nation. Specifically, Harwood has acted as a liaison between Patriot Front leadership and NW7’s dozen or so members.  He is by all indications a significant leadership figure in Patriot Front nationally. Harwood also played a part in Patriot Front’s miserable mid-December march in Washington D.C., leading a small team of shield bearers within the “Screen Right” shield section. Additionally, Harwood helped vett and interview several people who applied to Patriot Front, acting as a “notetaker” for several vetting interviews. Continue reading…

77. Nicholas Wolfgang Kaufman

Lehigh Valley Area, PA

Nicholas Wolfgang Kaufman, aka “Mark PA” in the leaked Patriot Front Rocket chat logs, is by all accounts a newer member of the group, having gained access to the fascist group’s chat in November 2021. From what we know about Nicholas he was a former Division 3 football player at Kings College in Maryland, having played the linebacker position and recorded a measly season high of 2 tackles.

Kaufman works as a surgical assistant for the Lehigh Valley Health Network at their Muhlenberg Location. Kaufman has put up Patriot Front stickers in the area around LHVN’s offices in Allentown, PA, including the Citgo on West Street and the Butz Corporate Center on Hamilton Street. Continue reading…

78. Alexi Guthrie

Simi Valley, CA

Alexi Michael Guthrie, 27, of Simi Valley, CA, is an avowed National Socialist and the de-facto “network director” for the Southern California division of American neo-nazi group Patriot Front. Guthrie, operating under the alias “Brandon CA“, has extensive ties to Patriot Front’s leadership and is responsible for recruiting and for planning & organizing events for what has been called “the most active white supremacist group in the nation.”

Alexi Guthrie, who describes himself as a National Socialist (Nazi), is a highly active white supremacist with ties to other extremist groups including Rob Rundo’s Will2Rise, Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance, and the antisemitic National Justice Party.

In this article, we reveal new details about Patriot Front and Alexi Guthrie gathered by an anti-fascist infiltrator who attended the group’s events. Guthrie’s extensive activity on behalf of Patiot Front is further proven by the leaked Patriot Front private chat logs published by Unicorn Riot in January 2022. In these private chats, Patriot Front members have admitted to numerous hate crimes across the United States. Continue reading…

79. Clinton William Hudson

Broken Arrow, OK

It’s our pleasure to introduce Patriot Front’s Oklahoma Network Director, the pride of Broken Arrow: Clinton William Hudson! Clint goes by “William OK” PF-8191, Network 4 Director on the leaked Patriot Front RocketChat.

Clinton Hudson joined Patriot Front on September 30, 2018 but this isn’t Clint’s first dance with fascism. Clint is well known in Tulsa fascist circles and has collaborated with the likes of “Fashy Gainz” AKA Cody Allen Elkin, another Broken Arrow, Oklahoma mother’s shame.

Oklahoma antifascists used a photo from the Unicorn Riot leak to geolocate Clinton Hudson’s home in the Tulsa suburbs. We also have Patriot Front leader Thomas Rousseau’s leaked DM questioning the brazenness of painting a banner in his front yard. Here was also involved in vandalizing Murrell state park in Oklahoma and hacked traffic safety signs with fascist messages. Continue reading…

80. Caleb Dane Rose

Crawfordsville, IN

Caleb Dane Rose was known as Victor 2889 IN but Caleb has been known to antifascists for years thanks to his numerous memberships in white nationalist groups. In fact, his previous membership in National Socialist Club (NSC)-131 was one of the main reasons for his identification in Patriot Front. NSC-131 was recently in the news after the hate group attended a St. Patrick’s day parade in Boston and used one of the Dropkick Murphy’s songs in their propaganda afterwards. After some insults online, Dropkicks invited the neo-nazis to talk at the park a few days later and NSC did not attend out of fear. NSC neo-nazis have roots or are otherwise connected other white nationalist organizations including National Socialist Movement, The Base, League of the South, Traditionalist Worker Party, Aryan Strike Force and Patriot Front.
At a July 2020 Rogersville, TN, Black Lives Matter protest against police and honoring George Floyd, Caleb was one of nine NSC 131 aka NSC Dixie members arrested for violence against BLM protesters, per Rogersville local news. It was also noted in the Rogersville Review article that Caleb is a member of a second hate group, Legion of St. Ambrose. Continue reading…

81. Garrett J. Garland

Freeburg, IL

With the help of private chats leaked by the journalist collective Unicorn Riot, Hatewatch identified Garret J. Garland, 24, of Freeburg, Illinois, as working with Patriot Front member Mitchell Frederick Wagner, in planning and perpetrating the destruction of a mural depicting famous Black Americans on a college campus in St. Louis, Missouri in December 2021. Based on the chats, it appears Garland worked closely with local and national Patriot Front leadership to carry out the property damage. They also indicate that he recruited Wagner and Logan Plank, 18, of Wood River, Illinois, and one still-unidentified individual to participate in the destruction of the mural.

In Patriot Front chats, members use aliases to disguise their identity. Those aliases typically include the state in which they reside. Leaked private chats reveal how the person behind the alias Randolph IL, who Hatewatch believes based on the investigation recounted above to be Garland, planned and perpetrated the destruction of the St. Louis mural. On Dec. 13, 2021, five days before the vandalism, Randolph IL shared a weekly meeting report with the local chapter leader of Patriot Front who subsequently shared it with Rousseau. Under the bullet point “Upcoming Activism,” Randolph IL wrote: “Weekend Plans: Randolph IL, Sam MN, Kyle MO, and Clarke IL will stencil at Wash U. Randy will plan, Kyle will photograph.” Continue reading…

82. Austin James Amato

Fort Worth, TX

Let’s all say hello to Austin James Amato aka “Adam TX PF-4366” of Fort Worth, TX. Austin Amato is a member of the violent nazi/white supremacist organization known as Patriot Front led by Thomas Rousseau out of Haslet, TX.Austin Amato was solely responsible for the fabrication of the metal shields and shin guards worn by Patriot Front members in the fall of 2021 to their demonstrations. He was also arrested with Patriot Front member Tristan Michaelangelo Yeager in May of 2021 in Sanger, TX on a charge of deadly conduct.

Austin Amato, along with Patriot Front member Graham Jones Whitson, and another unidentified man, were seen in the early hours of April 18, 2022, putting up a Patriot Front banner and stickers in downtown Denton, TX. The banner was strategically placed on the Dr Martin Luther King pedestrian bridge. Intercepted by a local trans activist and told to get the fuck off his block (and it is his block) Patriot Front members knocked the phone out of his hand and threatened that if he didn’t walk the other way they were going to keep his phone and he wouldn’t “leave in one piece”. Continue reading…

83. Stephen James Trimboli

Melbourne Beach, FL

Stephen James Trimboli is a Network Director in the neo-Nazi, fascist group Patriot Front. He operates under the name “Lawrence FL” and lives in Melbourne Beach, FL.

Network Directors, such as Trimboli, represent the highest leadership role a Patriot Front member can obtain under national leader Thomas Rousseau, and they serve to enforce and coordinate Patriot Front’s white supremacist activity. Trimboli’s is the Network Director responsible for the state of Florida, which is referred to as “Network 16” (often stylized “NW16” or “Network XVI”).

Prior to moving to Florida in 2021 to live rent-free with his dad, an executive sponsporship manager at Amazon, Trimboli used the name Lawrence WA and was a senior member in Network 8, which covers Washington state. He was considered most likely to become that Network’s director before moving. The current Network 8 Network Director, Colton Michael Brown, refers to Trimboli as his best friend and inspiration to join the Patriot Front. Continue reading…

84. Brandon Michael Danaher

Blue Springs, MO

Brandon Michael Danaher was born on September 27, 1989. We’ll explore his descent into white nationalism shortly. First, do note that once members are granted access to the Patriot Front internal communications server, they chose a false name for themselves. That name corresponds with the state they live and their title, if applicable. In Patriot Front servers, Brandon Michael Danaher was known as Patrick, from Missouri.

Patriot Front member “Patrick-MO (@PF-5788)”  traveled from Blue Springs, Missouri in the Kansas City, Missouri area, and attended the December 4, 2021 Patriot Front training camp and march in Washington DC [1], as proven by his conversation with Thomas Rousseau afterwards. Continue reading…

85.Wesley Evan Van Horn

Lexington, AL
We can now reveal the identity of Patriot Front’s Network Director for “Network VI” (northern AL & GA, southern TN). Wesley Evan Van Horn of Lexington, Alabama is “Christopher AL” of Patriot Front. He was arrested w/ 30 other PF members in Idaho on Sat. (R pic: 2020 PF training)

86.Christopher Semok Leblanc

Broward County, FL
Patriot Front member “Ryan FL” from the Tallahassee training is Christopher Leblanc AKA Christopher Semok of southern Florida. Leblanc/Semok goes by “American Himmler” on Telegram. He also has ties to the hardcore antisemitic Goyim Defense League. Continue reading…

87. Patryk Scott Durham

Aurora, CO

Today we welcome to the sunlight Patriot Front member and prolific neo-Nazi Patryck Scott Durham aka Kevin – CO / Fedposter / FedpostingH / NeverFedposts of Aurora, CO. Patryck Scott Durham aka Fedposter is known on Twitter for extreme racism, antisemitism, and the frequent suspension of his accounts. Many of his accounts respawn with similar images, a bio mentioning “Hawley Fan” and tweets promoting Patriot Front. He is a prolific ban evader with 28+ Twitter accounts we have archived. Continue reading…

88. Trevor Valescu


Without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Trevor Valescu. Trevor lives here in Minnesota. He’s the Midwest Network Director for Patriot Front. Trevor goes by JohnnyMN on the Patriot Front message boards. Continue reading…

89. Dylan Carter Corio

dylan corio - patriot front

Cheyenne, Wyoming

90. Derek Joseph Smith

patriot front derek smith

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

91. Dakota Ray Tabler

patriot front dakota tabler

West Valley, Utah

92. Steven Derrick Tucker

patriot front steven tucker

Lexington, Alabama

93. Robert Benjamin Whitted

patriot front robert whitted

Conroe, Texas

94. Josiah Daniel Buster

patriot front josiah buster

Watauga, Texas

95. Brandon Mitchel Haney

patriot front branden haney

Kaysville, Utah

96. James Michael Johnson

patriot front james michael johnson

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

97. James Julius Johnson

patriot front james johnson

Concrete, Washington

98. Justin Michael Oleary

patriot front justin oleary

Des Moines, Iowa

99. Forrest Clark Rankin

patriot front forest rankin

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

100. Spencer Thomas Simpson

patriot front spencer simpson

Ellensburg, Washington

101. Devin Wayne Center

patriot front devin center

Fayette Ville, Arkansas

102. Winston Worth Durham

patriot front winston durham

Genesee, Idaho

103. Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield

patriot front nathaniel whitfield

Elk Ridge, Utah

104. Nathan David Brenner

patriot front nathan brenner

Louisville, Colorado

105. Mishael Joshua Buster

patriot front mishael buster

Spokane, Washington

106. Richard Jacob Jessop

patriot front richard jessop

Idaho Falls, Idaho

107. Conor James Ryan

patriot front conor ryan

Thornton, Colorado


108. Connor Patrick Moran

patriot front connor moran

Watauga, Texas

109. Alexander Nicholai Sisenstein

patriot front alexander sisenstein

Midvale, Utah

110. Jared Michael Boyce

patriot front jared boyce

Springville, Utah


The white nationalist, fascist organization Patriot Front has supposedly prioritized keeping its neo-Nazi members’ identities secret above all other aspects of organizing, so… nice job, guys. They all do some dumb shit that ends up exposing themselves eventually. And when they do, we’ll make sure to put it on blast.


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Patriot Front Member List By State

Here is a list of Patriot Front members by state. Clicking on each name will give you more information about the individual. If information becomes unavailable, visit our Patriot Front member profiles list (unsorted).

Patriot Front is a dangerous white nationalist, white supremacist organization operating out of a residential property in the Dallas Fort Worth suburb of Grapevine Haslet, Texas. Several of its members have been arrested and charged with violent crimes. Torch Antifa leaked two years worth of Patriot Front’s internal chats and organizing materials which reveal an organization rife with violent bigotry, misogyny, and anti-Semitism.

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patriot front members list

Patriot Front formed in the aftermath of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 12, 2017. The organization broke off from the now defunct Vanguard America, another neo-Nazi group that participated in the chaotic demonstration.

Patriot Front Member List By State

If links are dead (don’t work) please try running them through archive.org or archive.today for their archived versions.


See Also: Patriot Front member profiles list

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  • Winston Worth Durham – Genesee




  • Justin Michael Oleary – Des Moines









Clinton William Hudson – Broken Arrow





  • Riley Johnson – Sioux Falls
  • Derek Joseph Smith – Sioux Falls
  • James Michael Johnson – Sioux Falls



  • Cameron Rathan Pruitt – Midway
  • Tyler Arbuckle – Salt Lake City metro
  • Dakota Ray Tabler – West Valley
  • Brandon Michael Haney – Kaysville
  • Nathaniel Taylor Whitfield – Elk Ridge
  • Alexander Nicholai Sisenstein – Midvale
  • Jared Michael Boyce – Springville





  • Dylan Carter Corio – Cheyenne


See Also: Patriot Front member profiles list

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